Introduction and brief

Located at Golden Crescent, Hayes, UB3 1AQ, United Kingdom, Quba Masjid was established 2006 with the objective of promoting the pure monotheistic message of Islam in accordance with the Quran, the authentic sunnah of our prophet Muhammad [pbuh] and as it was followed by the pious predecessors after him.

Since its foundation the masjid has undoubtedly become an invaluable centre of worship and activity, with an important role in uniting and serving community. Quba Masjid has not only provided a prayer facility but has become a well-known place of learning Hayes.

However, it has long been felt that the current facilities of the Masjid are inadequate to allow further development of ideas and services that are much needed for our community. Therefore a project to create a modern purpose built Masjid has been launched to help us meet the changing demands of the community and its new generations. As a charity, we are relying on generous donations from individuals like you to implement these ambitious and much needed solutions.

Expansion Project

OQuba Masjid is currently working on an ambition and visionary expansion project to create a purpose built masjid at the heart of the Muslim community in Hayes; for Muslim brothers and sisters, families, elderly, mothers, fathers, the youth, our children and all those in the wider community.

We aim to provide a sanctuary for prayer and knowledge that will preserve the Islamic identity, encompass the true beauty of Islam and unity to attain success and goodness.

In our multicultural, multiracial and predominantly non-Muslim society, Quba Masjid aspires to lead as an exemplar place of worship and learning and hopes to help remove the misrepresented image of Islam in our society.

Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to actively promote the message of Islam in order to eliminate misunderstandings among non-Muslims and to invite them to Islam and to create an atmosphere whereby Muslim youth and others are proud to declare their faith.


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Since the establishment of the Quba Islamic and Education Centre, the community has come together to pool our shared resources.

A distinct benefit of this is the bringing together of Muslim professionals of various backgrounds who have been able to help steer the centre forward. This would have been impossible without Quba centre.